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We Buy Old Coins, Rare Coins

At Antique Coin Buyers, we will offer top dollar for your rare and old coins. We are a reliable and trustworthy antique coin buyer that will do you right, the first time. When it comes to reputable coin dealers, you won’t find a better place to sell coins than with us.

We treat all of our customers with the utmost of respect and operate with integrity…always. We realize and take to heart the fact that we don’t know your story. You may want to sell your coin or full coin collection. You may have fallen on hard times and are having to sell your prized possessions to scrape money together, we also know that some have inherited coins from deceased loved ones. Whatever your situation is, know that we will be sensitive and that all appraisals and transactions are confidential.

American Old Coin Buyers Near Me

Located in Largo, Florida, we have established an impeccable name for ourselves in the local area and beyond. We were established in 1972, so we have a long history of being the best coin buyers around. We have tons of customers and repeat customers who swear by our name and with good reason. We pay excellent prices for rare coins, antique coins, gold, and diamonds too.

Finding Great Antique and Rare Coin Buyers

Antique coin buyers know that great antique coin isn’t always easy to find, Antique coin dealers are even rarer. The coin industry has been infiltrated by less than reputable coin dealers. Following these terrific tips, you can protect yourself from the so-called “predators” and find trustworthy local coin buyers and the best places to sell coins.

Best Coin Dealers & Coin Collectors

If you are looking for the best coin buyers in Florida, be sure to check local coin buyers. Ask friends, family, neighbors, and others who deal with coin buyers where are the best places to sell coins in your vicinity. By dealing with locals, you’ll stand a much better chance to not get ripped off. Find out how long the dealer has been in the area and get any/all the feedback and information you can about them.

At Antique Coin Buyers, we have a long standing presence in the Largo, Florida area. We aren’t going anywhere, we have many references and a ton of feedback from the customers we’ve served over the years. You’ll find we are one of the leading, most reputable coin dealers in the area.

Old & Rare Coin Buyers

Some coin buyers specialize in “Rare coins” that are unusual, so not all local coin buyers, or coin buyers online, know how to appraise them. The best coin buyers of rare coins have extensive knowledge in dealing with a wide spectrum of coin ages and about coins from a multitude of locations. As you speak to someone who claims to be a rare coin buyer, you’ll get a good feel for if they legitimately know what they are talking about…or not.

The more you learn about the practices of antique and rare coin buying and selling, the more you will appreciate the trustworthy premier service we offer at Antique Coin Buyers.

Sell Coins Online -#1 Coin Buyers

Like rare coin buyers, antique coin buyers are experts in buying vintage coins. Antique coin buying requires the knowledge of the value of old coins. Some dealers attempt to give regular prices for antique coins or to pay less than the coins are really worth. Unless you are an expert yourself, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad ones. You need an antique coin buyer you can trust.

We are proud to be an antique buyer our customers can turn to. Being reliable is something we take great pride in. We are expert antique coin buyers. We not only have extensive knowledge in the antique coin industry, we are happy to share what we know with you. That…is priceless.

Contact us today. We are the premier coin dealer in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in buying, selling and trading the following coins:


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