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Where to Sell Your Coins?

At Antique Coins Buyers, we are glad to be of service for all your “old coins” & “antique coins” related needs…!!!

Antique Coins Buyers has been in business for over 50 years and is a well-known and reputable company. We have a storefront as well as an online presence, and customers with great reviews and 3 generations of antique industry experience have given them positive feedback.

As the premier coin dealer in Tampa Bay, Florida, we specialize in buying a wide range of coins. Our collection includes sought-after coins such as the Anthony Dollar, the historic Barber series (Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar), and the iconic Buffalo Nickel. We take pride in offering treasures like the Bust Half Dime, Bust Silver Dollar, Capped Bust Dime, and the beloved Morgan Dollar. We also deal in unique pieces like the rare Trade Dollar and exquisite U.S. Gold Coins. Additionally, our inventory features commemorative coins, silver certificates, and a variety of denominations, including the Half Cent, Indian Head Cent, and Lincoln Cent.

Antique Coins Buyers is a recognized name all over the world in buying, selling and trading of coins, precious metals, numismatics and other bullion related items. Our team of experts has enough expertise to evaluate your collections appropriately to tell you their worth, whether they are trinkets or are they valuable pieces of metal. Our pricing is completely fair and highly competitive. We believe in honesty, integrity and reliability.

Sell Antique Coins

We take great pride in being recognized as one of the best antique coin buyers in Florida, USA. Since 1972, we have established ourselves as trusted and reputable experts in the field, with 3 generations of experience in the antique industry. Our excellent services have endeared us to numerous customers. As one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable antique coin buyers in the region, our primary focus is ensuring customer satisfaction. Choose us for all your antique and old coin buying needs and experience our unmatched expertise and reliable service.

We buy all types of antique coins, including certified and graded coins. Antique coins’ value depends on their rarity, date, condition, as well as the content (%age) of precious metal. As our team is highly trained and vastly experienced, we are able to appraise your collection quickly and accurately.


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