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Come to us wondering whether the coin they have is indeed valuable and worth something that can be sold, or is it just a trinket? Many have left with a high cash return that was simply not expected. Why? We are expert evaluators, highly trained and experienced in dealing with various types of antique coins. We can gauge the real value of any rare coin, especially gold coins, thus revealing its history, which tells us when & how it was made, and what the story behind it was. As we are among the top Antique Gold Coin Dealers, you can be sure of getting a fair, competitive price. We accept gold coins belonging to different historical periods, either as single items or as small, large collections.

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Wondering where to sell gold coins quickly and conveniently? Check out Antique Coin Buyers and sell your precious, rare gold coins for the highest price. We are trusted, reliable dealers who have been in this industry since 1972 and offer service not just through our store but online as well.

Contact us with confidence for a great deal, one that gives a cash return from the sale of every precious gold coin. We are trusted, reliable, and respected antique gold coin buyers who give our customers an honest evaluation, ensuring they will come back to us for their next business.

Over the past five decades, we have made a name for ourselves in this industry. We have catered to a vast number of customers, and our reputation speaks for itself in terms of the various clients that keep coming back to us for their next sale. So, if you are confused about what to do with the antique gold coins that you suddenly inherited, come to us as we buy antique gold coins that are rare, precious, while making sure that we pay the true value and their real worth.

We Offer The Deal You Want

Step into our antique gold coin shop and walk out with the best valued sale. We are reliable and experienced dealers. Antique coin dealers who have dealt with not only beautiful antique gold coins, but also numismatics, precious metals and other bullion related items. Talk to our experts and get inside tips and information on various types of precious antique gold coins.

Ask us if the items you have are genuine or if they are just scrap metal.Some of the finest antique coins belong to eras that have a rich history that will be explained by our experts with zeal, so that you know the real worth of your coin or collection before proceeding to a sale.

We offer FREE Antique Evaluations & Antique Appraisals.

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In your e-mail, please include as much of the following as possible.

  • A High-Quality photo of your item (taken under natural light is best.)
  • A Description of the item/items. Include a physical description, and any historical knowledge you may have of it along with any information you can share about the item that will help us provide you an accurate evaluation/price of the item.
  • Please include your Phone number, City where the items are located, Your Zip Code.

We will reach out to you ASAP with more details.

We Offer FREE Evaluations If Purchasing as Well as FREE House Calls.