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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selling Precious Coins

Whether you’ve just inherited an antique coin collection from an aunt you hardly knew, or have been collecting precious coins for decades and are ready to cash them in, you’ll want to “know before you go” when it comes time to sell them.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself that can help you get the most money for your precious coins:

 #1. What exactly am I selling?




What exactly am I selling? Other that being coins, what are the characteristics of your collection? Are they antique? Are they rare? What period are they from? Is there a story behind them? What are they made of…gold, silver? The more you know about your coins, the more you can learn about the value they hold and what you can get for them in return.

#2.  Why am I selling my precious coins?


Why am I selling my precious coins? If you are being forced to sell your precious coins for financial reasons, you may need to take less for them. If you or your loved one has a medical issue that warrants immediate cash, or if the mortgage company is about to foreclose on your house, you’ll have no time to hold out for the best offer. But, if you are selling just because you’ve inherited a coin collection you aren’t wanting to hang on to, you will be more able to hang on to the collection until you get top dollar.

#3. What is special about my coins?


What is special about my coins? If there is something extra special about your precious coins, you may be able to get more for them. Did they come from someone famous? Are they vintage? If so, you’ll want to get more for them than if they are just ordinary. If the only special thing about them is in sentimental value, you’ll not likely be able to up the price for that but, you may want to reconsider selling if you don’t get the offer you are looking for.

#4. Have I gotten enough appraisals?

It’s always wise to get several appraisals before you decide on your selling price. You may think most coin buyers’ offer would be similar. But, that’s simply not true. Some can greatly vary. The best thing to do is to get several appraisals together and go to a coin buyer who invites you to come in with prior appraisals so they can meet or beat the selling prices.

 #5. Will I regret selling my coins for the price offered?

Will I regret selling my coins for the price offered? You certainly don’t want to experience seller’s remorse.

Best Place to Sell Coins

Selling your precious coins can be a joyful occasion if you do it right. You can finally cash in on a collection you’ve built up for the reason of investing and eventually selling them. Or, you can find yourself the recipient of a collection you care nothing about, sentimentally. But, then again, you may be in a position where you are heartbroken to have to sell your coins but are needing to for quick cash. Whatever the case, It’s important to make sure you are doing to right thing and are selling your coins for the right price. If you are looking to sell your coin collection, be sure to check out Antique Coins Buyers for top dollar prices paid when selling your precious coins.

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