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Discover 5 Tips To Help You Start Collecting Silver & Gold Coins

As a hobby, collecting antique coins can be exciting. It is not only a fun job, but it can also be a source of wealth if done correctly. To be successful in the world of antique collecting, it is best to learn the tips on ‘How to collect coins from antique coin dealers without encountering […]

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Purchasing genuine gold or silver currency as an investment is not always as simple as it appears. A wide range of options frequently confuses inexperienced investors: “Should I buy royal coins or minted bars?” “Perhaps that limited-edition coin is a wise investment.” Intelligent investors compare antique gold coins and bullion options based on their price […]

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Gold has always been considered as an investment practice done for making profits later in future or sell when in need. Selling gold is a good strategy when the item is either no longer worn or has a certain bit of damage to it. If you’ve decided to sell your gold and silver coins, you’ll […]

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A Comprehensive Guide: Where Can You Sell Canadian Coins?

Do you know? Canadian dollars are one of the most highly valued currencies in the world. If you have a Canadian coin, then the chances are very high that you can receive a great profit. And to search for a better place to sell the precious Loonie(1$) coin, you have to do thorough research to […]

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What is the benefit of getting your coins appraised online?

Uncover the interesting facts about evaluating your coin collection online and how to find a reliable appraiser.Are you thinking about choosing an online coin appraiser would be safe or not? Well, this is the most confusing question every individual is confused about. So what might be the answer? Of course, it’s safe to opt for […]

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Do You Know How Much Your Antique Coins Are Worth?

If you have antique coins, you are no doubt wondering how much they’re worth. Whether you’re intending to sell

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Where Can I Sell Old Coins? Best Websites to Sell Silver & Gold Coins Online

Silver and gold coins are valuable because they’re rare. They also tend to be worth more than their face value. Here are some tips for finding silver and gold coins at antique dealers. If you have antique coins or rare coins, you most likely want to know what they are worth. Whether you inherited them […]

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Important Factors for Determining a Coin’s True Worth

They say that all that glitters are not gold. That can certainly be true if you have a rare coin collection. On the one hand, collecting coins can be a fun hobby. On the other hand, coins are meant to be the currency. They are meant to be worth something. Anyone who has rare coins […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selling Precious Coins

Whether you’ve just inherited an antique coin collection from an aunt you hardly knew, or have been collecting precious coins for decades and are ready to cash them in, you’ll want to “know before you go” when it comes time to sell them. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself that can help you get […]

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Unique Canadian Coins: 5-Canadian Coins Worth Cash

Canadian coins can attract the interest of coin collectors and buyers. After all, the first issues were published about two centuries ago. Not to mention that some coins are worth a lot more than others because of characteristics like rarity, condition, metal composition, or errors in striking. Don’t be scared to go into your wallet […]

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