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A Comprehensive Guide: Where Can You Sell Canadian Coins?

Do you know? Canadian dollars are one of the most highly valued currencies in the world. If you have a Canadian coin, then the chances are very high that you can receive a great profit. And to search for a better place to sell the precious Loonie(1$) coin, you have to do thorough research to find a trustworthy place where you can get your Canadian coins right value.

Before we start, let’s begin with an important question. What is the name of the Canadian currency, and who manufactures it? All of Canada’s circulation coins are produced by The Royal Mint of Canada.

Canadian currency coins’ names are:

  • Loonie (1$)
  • Toonie (2$)
  • Quarter (25¢)
  • Dime (10¢)
  • Nickel (5¢)
  • Penny (1¢)

What is the value of old Canadian money, and where can I sell it?

Before you sell your precious piece, it’s better to do your homework first. What you have to do is know everything about the coin, i.e., name, history, condition, and current market price. If you can find it by doing some proper research, its great. If not you can contact a coin appraiser who will inform you everything about your dollar. After gathering information, you can head towards finding a coin buyer online. Here, we’ve listed a few trusted places to sell your coin:


This is the website where many collectors and dealers list up there selling items. You can do the same, you can list your Canadian Coin and sell it on right price. Hereby you can see many buyers who can contact you to buy your piece. Always remember when dealing in online world, you should be attentive about everything and then sell or buy precious objects.

#2. Online Auction 

Many reputed antique coin shops conduct a live auction online. There, you can be a part of the auction and then bid for your Canadian Toonie ($2$) coin. The higher you bid, the higher you’ll receive in profit. In auctions, you’ll find many trusted collectors and dealers bidding for the high price or the collection of minted coins and bullion.

#1. Online Buyers/Dealers

When you surf the internet, you’ll find many coin collectors that buy Canadian coins near by location & onlineYou can contact them easily and then get the best deal. The coin dealers deal with every precious pieces online and from local store as well. Also, do not trust everyone; do research and look at their service and customer feedback to know whether the dealer is authorized or not.

An important note:

Always remember, whenever you want to deal with precious things, before selling get it appraised by 2-3 appraiser to get high returns. Also, the online world is also filled with scammers who can scam you with their tricks. That is why it is preferable to look for someone who is authorized, licensed, and has excellent service and experience with a solid foundation in the market.

Who buys Canadian coins nearby or online? Connect with us!

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