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Where Can I Sell Old Coins? Best Websites to Sell Silver & Gold Coins Online

Silver and gold coins are valuable because they’re rare. They also tend to be worth more than their face value. Here are some tips for finding silver and gold coins at antique dealers.

If you have antique coins or rare coins, you most likely want to know what they are worth. Whether you inherited them from your great uncle or are an avid collector, finding an old coin buyer will help you find out the value so you can make an informed decision on whether to sell or keep your antique coins.

Rare Coins

Rare Coin Collectors in My Area

Rare coin dealers can be found locally in brick-and-mortar locations or online. The best way to start is to search the web for rare coin dealers. Narrow down your search by contacting the dealers. Those who you feel are worth your time make the cut.

You should also find out a few things about the antique coin dealers before you do business with them. How long have they been in business? Do they have an online presence? What do their reviews look like? Do you know anyone who has dealt with them?

Rare coin dealers specialize in coins that are antique and also rare so they are double qualified in knowledge about coins and in antiques. Be sure not to settle for any less than an antique coin dealer who is an expert in both fields.

Where to Find Coin Buyers

Coin buyers/dealers can often be found in antique coin shops locally and online. After you have located several antique coin shop dealers, get at least two appraisals on your antique coins. Then, take the best offer if you are sure it’s legitimate. That is if you are going to sell.

Some antique coin owners simply want an appraisal to know the value of their wares, not necessarily to sell. Never let an antique coin shop dealer or any antique buyer make you feel obligated to sell. You own your treasure until, if and when the time comes, you elect to sell it.

Old Coin Buyer Paradise

When selling your antique coins, be sure you are the one in control. Research your coins. Find out if there’s a story behind it. Study the era the coin is from. Check out the material it is made of and the worth thereof. The more you know going into the sale, the better your chances will be of coming out ahead.

Here are some tried and true tips to follow:

  • Only deal with reputable, established firms or individuals when selling your rare coins.
  • Be aware that imposters and scammers are attracted to the antique coin market. Don’t become their prey.
  • Glean from other antique coin sellers. Learn from the experience and knowledge they share online and in person.
  • Get multiple appraisals. This will help ensure you are getting a fair market price for your coin.
  • Clean your piece. Coins that are well-cared for bring a higher selling price than those that are dirty and grimy.
  • Consider selling your antique coin on your own through platforms such as eBay or Craig’s List that eliminate a third-party buyer. You’ll have to pay a small fee and will be responsible to cover shipping, but you may still find the end price is better than selling to an old coin buyer directly.

Your Coin, Your Call

That’s fantastic that you want to sell your antique coin. If you are simply looking for an appraisal, that’s wonderful too. Stay in control and if you don’t like the price being offered, you can always hang onto your coin until a later date. The price may go up, or you may decide the price is right after all. Remember that it’s your call every step of the way.

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